Joseph Kony 2012 is a very inspiring video created by a group of people called Invisible Children. The video was created based on a promise made by a man called Jason Russell to a helpless boy in Africa. This video aims at making a horrible person famous, that is Joseph Kony who has been kidnapping children, slaying their parents and making them soldiers all for the sole-purpose of power and what is worse, no one in the world knows him till now.

This video was uploaded recently, people have been participating in all kinds of things to the point where Barrack Obama sent 100 soldiers there to aid. Not a very helpful thing but definitely something towards change.

Invisible Children will continue to live on and on April 20th, volunteers will hang thousands of posters over night for people to see. I think I said enough and I really think you should spare yourself 30 minutes and watch this video and most definitely share it.

Ways you can help:
Donate to Invisible Children
Purchase KONY 2012 products
Sign the Pledge