There is more horsepower and there is a shift to electric but Audi is one company that realizes that there is more than what lies under a hood of a car. Audi is introducing to us a conceptual implementation of OLED lights on their cars and it is not like the sharp LED’s on their rear and headlights, their canvas is the whole car.

With this technology they are able to create art, one that blinks revealing shapes and forms that both looks cool and enhances the driving experience. Another aspect of this technology is their clever use of animation, towards the end of the video you see the rear lights are like a trail of red fire that responds to the driving when turning on signals as well as breaking.

At this point this is art to me, I’d much rather see this technology implemented with an actual shape, in this case a flat rear light never looks cool even if OLED was implemented, I believe both can work together just great.