I don’t know about you but I have certainly never seen an airport lounge this cool. This is the Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge located in the Ataturk Airport International in Istanbul and I just love how the traditional Istanbul design is always present in all what they create even when it is a mere touch.

Created by design firm Autoban, this lounge is probably better than boarding a plane, it has many things in store and thanks to its spherical design, each section has a beautiful experience with an activity to do. Among these sections are a tea garden, library, restaurant and a movie theatre, yes a movie theatre! You could easily get lost in this place, after all it looks like a maze yet it is a maze that I won’t mind as each section is extremely fun.

More onto the design, anything spherical reminds me of the Hobbits and that is not bad at all, like I said, the islamic-istambul patterns are evident everywhere and makes this lounge really a unique experience.