This is a beautiful video made by talented film maker Devin Graham, who happens to be the same guy that brought us the Human Slingshot and Slide video which we also posted about a while back. This new video features an even more dangerous stunt, rope swinging in Utah from a very high cliff.

Dangerous alone is not enough to describe this stunt as anyone participating could have fallen off at any instant, in fact one of the participants almost slid off the ledge, anyway, there is no doubt that this video was worth the risk as it is amazing on so many levels.

The actual swing was created by professionals and people went on jumping off the ledge then swing over and over, though scary I would have probably tried it myself. I can definitely see this as a money-making project.

The video editing makes the video even more exciting as many people have contributed with the shooting, sound editing and of course video editing. The video has reached over 7 million views as of now and continues to grow even though it has be uploaded only a week ago. For more crazy videos be sure to check out his youtube channel.

Behind the Scenes: