As if the Star Wars’ ship Millennium Falcon was not cool as it is, someone decided to create it out of LEGO, only not physically but rather virtually. Talented artist Francisco Prieto used a 3D software to sculpt and assemble this LEGO model consisted of 5,344 pieces.

Francisco is not only a talented artist but he is a man of patience as this project consumed 3 years of his life and if grouped would make 1 year of modeling and 6 months of animation. The model itself is ridiculously modeled, it is insane and trust me it is much easier to make it by hand, he seems to have taken a great challenge and it is definitely worth it.

Adding another layer of challenge is the animation, imagine animating 5,344 pieces and imagine creating each in a certain order, this man is patient! Enough talk, time to watch the video again.