The Chase is a very unique short movie in itself as well as its creation process. It is about a hit man job that gone wrong, the story is a bit unclear and the chain of events and outcome can’t be any more puzzling. That said, it is a brilliant animation, the setting, the modeling and lighting are just beautiful, also notice how no one speaks in this short movie, yet you know what is happening to some extent.

The short movie is sure beautiful but the creation of it is just as interesting. Directed and created by self-taught artist, Tomás Vergara who quit his job, locked himself in a cabin for 6 months back in 2011 and created this brilliant short movie. Along the production, Mauricio Galvez created the characters and the music and SFX were created by Jay Taylor.

Overall, it is a well produced short especially considering the fact that only a small team have worked on it.