So have you ever wondered what super heros and cartoon characters do when they are not busy saving the world. How do they make a living and such, some like Batman are wealthy but the rest remain a mystery till now.

This was achieved through talented photographer Bechet Benjamin who calls this series “I Am Winnie the Pooh” or how I just see it as From Fame to Lame. In these photos, Bechet had a person wear a costume and play a role of a job much less to the standard of their fame and heroic status, the likes of being a waiter, house keeper, homeless and such.

It is a unique and alternate way of looking at heroes and it is very original. I only wish that CG or perhaps more realistic characters were used instead but to come think about it, it could resemble how their costumes are worthless and lost their spark after their loss of fame. All in all, I really like this.