Ever wondered how boring it is from an animal’s perspective in a zoo is, having to watch people pointing at them, throwing food and the occasional weird sounds humans make trying to speak their animal language.

Mark Rober is one person that realizes this and decided to do a little experiment, he drilled a hole in a mirror, stuck his iPhone on the back and put the mirror facing a gorillas’ cage in a zoo. The result is astonishing, the gorillas are easily lured in and are no longer just sitting there and they just went on exploring their reflections, in packs.

The camera footage although from a phone was really outstanding, the details on the gorillas’ faces is top notch and adds a huge level to the quality and genius of this video. I suggest following Mark on youtube as he posts other cool creations and he also happens to work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, not sure what it is but it sounds cool.