As the release of Mass Effect 3 nears, Bioware and EA are bombarding everyone with new trailers and with good reason, this game is just amazing. The previous videos were just cool montages of in-game cutscenes and gameplay, this new video titled “Take Earth Back” exceeds all the previous ones, it is a CG rendered animation and from it I can easily start demanding making a CG movie out of Mass Effect, it is that good.

The animation itself is very beautiful, the Reapers are attacking earth, you see people trying to survive, brilliant explosions and effects and immense amount of detail. The overall production will surprise you, the sun flowers alone look very realistic as well as every small and large scale objects.

The trailer’s direction although beautiful briefly reminds me of Halo 3′s trailer a couple of years back where Master Chief as a child was laying down on the ground where all the sudden Earth is attached, but I guess there is no other way to present the story, I don’t expect aliens to call Earth first saying “Hello Earthlings, can we land and murder your race? “.