Beat Sneak Bandit is an interesting and original game that has been receiving praise since its release from mid-february. The game is about a little boy bandit who is ought to save the world as all clocks were stolen by Duke Clockface and time has stopped. Stealth, puzzles and lovely beats is what this game is about, ever stage is consisted of multiple levels, you work your way to the goal, which is a clock located differently each time.

The movement is controlled by your rhythm with the song’s beats, so you just tap, tap, tap to make a move and I can easily say this game only requires your finger (or toe) and sound, as it requires that you hear the sound otherwise the experience is not playable. I found the game to be fun and actually found out that my whole boy was rhyming with the song just trying to align myself with the beat.

Unfortunately, after a while, all this innovation was put to rest as it felt very repetitive and became too challenging when advancing to newer “stages”. Another aspect of the game that is evident from the start is the art style and it just looks gorgeous from every angle. The animations adds a lot to the experience as it is full of life and dances along with the outstanding beats. All in all, this is definitely an innovative game, the reply value for me is short and I’m pretty sure others will find it great, but for me it is a good game.

Download iOS App ($2.99)

The Good:
- Amazing Art.
- Outstanding Beats.
- Brilliant Animations.
- Innovative gameplay.

The Bad:
- Gets repetitive quickly.
- Challenges become too hard.