Last month we posted about this clever ad called “Clear” that got us very hyped over a simple yet intuitive task management app. The app from the videos looked brilliant and it turns out it is as great as I had imagined.

Clear is cleverly named as it is truly clear and straight forward, using simple gestures you get to add tasks or (to-dos) with ease on the go and with style. Pinching lets you add a task, swiping a task in one direction completes it, and another deletes it. You can create main folders such as work, personal, etc. and within you can have your tasks. The color of the tasks indicate how important it is, you can re-arrange them.

The app is very smooth and visually pleasing, the sound effects play a great role and add a lot of the experience. Yes it is only a simple app, but it is done right and it would make managing stuff much simpler for me. Adding to the intuitive-design, when you have absolutely not tasks, the developers randomly place a quote in the empty screen giving you something to read when having no tasks, I loved how they also included a quote by JK Rowling.

Created by Im Pending and Realmac Software, this app is worth getting for those interested in creating simple tasks as fast and stylish as possible. Clear clearly defines and sets an example of what all to-dos apps should do, make our lives easier.

Download iPhone App ($0.99)

The Good:
- Beautiful design and animation.
- Great sound Effects.
- Works great.
- Great themes.
- Beautiful quotes.

The Bad:
- can accidentally delete a task.