You must have seen somewhere sometime the work of talented artist Won Park creating outstanding origamis out of money bills. Anyway, let me introduce you to him and his work, he’s a Hawaii-based origami artist and as if origamis are not complex already, his way of creating them involves insane skill.

No glue, scissors or anything that alters the actual form, Won Park folds a single dollar bill to anything you could imagine and in this case, he creates things you’d doubt are possible. If I were to say lets create a bulldog out of a single dollar bill you’d probably think I’m suggesting something impossible, not for Won Park though.

He newer origamis involves other currencies all using a single paper for each origami and I personally love the new ones as the bills have colorful illustrations and it looks to harmonize with any of the forms he creates. Come to think about it, he is able to make more money from a single dollar.