I might have over-dozed you with Skyrim stuff but it is just one of those very rare games where it provides endless possibilities. The modding community has been at it creating crazy stuff and the developer has released an official Mod Kit and people have gone bananas! This video is perfectly showcases one of these instances and I have always referenced Skyrim to Lord of The Rings and I’ve always wanted to see a real battle with many people.

Using around six mods by 6 different users, machinima was able to pull off an epic battle consisted of 200 skeletons, 500 Draugr (Skeleton Lords) and 500 Dwarven Warriors and it is truly a tremendous achievement in gaming performance as well as film making using just a video game.

The story in this video is simple, it’s a bloody battle and what is genius about it is that the fighting is AI independent, with the exception of the hero. Whether you like Skyrim or not, this video is for everyone.