Apparently there is a movie called Iron Sky and I have to say it is something very new and refreshing. It is a dark comedy where Nazis were hiding on the moon since 1945 and came out of hiding in 2018 and attacked earth. Dark comedies are not for everyone, I like a few of these movies such Inglorious Bastards, but only a few filmmakers pull something off that well.

Anyway, upon watching the trailer, I really liked the visuals and it turns out a company called Energia Productions is behind it and it also happens that they are a small production house of only 20 people and yet they have done a great job. They are currently documenting their behind the scenes of the project as it nears its release date on April 2012.

The video is very interesting for visual effect enthusiasts and generally anyone else who should learn a thing of two about visual effects creation. Watch the trailer first then the making of video after.

Movie Trailer:

Creating the Visual Effects: