Lord of the Rings was hands down one of the best movie trilogies ever created and it also brought outstanding music. 2010 America’s Got Talent, Lindsey Stirling has recreated the theme song and let me tell you it is amazing. Stirling is a 25 year old Violinist and she is currently a rising star, I just love the sound of violins, it is one of instruments that makes good into greater.

Besides the music, the video is amazing, it was shot at New Zealand the same country where LOTR was filmed and it looks gorgeous, I hope I get to go there one day. Along with the talent of Stirling, this video was directed by Devin Graham, Stephen Anderson did background orchestra and Shannon Mckinnon made the beautiful dress.

Turns out her song is so good you can even get them via iTunes. Also be sure to check out her “ZELDA” performance below, it’s amazing as well.

Zelda Medley: