Saying amazing, brilliant and genius is probably not enough to describe this short 15 minute animation by Moonbot Studios. This lovely short animation is so good it is currently among the nominees for the Oscars in the animated short category and I think it has Oscars written all over it.

This beautiful animation follows a little adventure of a bookworm who on one day gets dragged away by a hurricane and is taken a different magical world where books are alive. I have seen books flying but I’ve never seen books that use their inner page illustrations to communicate and oh my it must have taken hundreds of illustrations to express all these emotions.

About that, this animation though looks like a full fetched 3d animation is also comprised of real life miniatures and 2D animation that add up to the whole outstanding picture. Make yourself free for 15 minutes, this animation is worth it.

Thanks to our friend @Greak for suggesting to us this video.