Last month we posted about this wacky game called Gotham City Impostors and the chance of applying to the beta, I have and recently received the code. I’ve been on a long break from gaming in general but thought why not try this game out. The game at a glance is a download-only, multiplayer-only game for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 featuring 2 teams, Batman impostors and Joker impostors. It does not take a smart person to realize the game is really similar to Valve’s Team Fortress 2 but I’ve never liked the gameplay of that game and I could say this is better.

The game has a witty atmosphere, you get killed and some joke is said by the player, something for a change in comparison to people saying “owned” or “noob”.

Anyway, since it is download only, I do not expect the game to meet the same standards as a full game yet I can’t help but the main and most basic thing in the game which is shooting isn’t all that interesting, yes you get an arsenal of weapons and loads of gadgets but all that does is sugar-coat the shooting, its just a bit off.

The game is filled with game modes and customization all down to the skin color of your guns, attachments, abilities, game cards, etc. Graphically, though I love the character design and concept of the game, the graphics do not do any justice, I only wish they went with a simplified cartoony TF2-like style in order to cover up the low-res graphics and textures. That said, I expect the game to have a few laughs and enjoyable moments, but how will it last based on the beta, I’m not so sure. I do realize this is a beta, and that was my impression of the beta and not the full game. Hopefully it gets better.