This is a soon to be released app by developer Realmac Software and the interesting thing it was designed by Phill Ryu and one of my favorite artists David Lanham and together they formed a company called Im Pending that is dedicated at designing Apps.

Anyway, back to the app, it is very simple and intuitive to-do list that removes the clutter and focuses on the tasks in the simplest form possible. The app is both simple in look and the interaction where pinching adds a new task and dragging rearranges tasks according to what is more important. The importance of these tasks are indicated by color, red as the most important and yellow is the least.

The app also allows you to have categories to better organize your tasks. This is not as advanced as the reminders app or other to-do apps but I guess it is the most convenient and efficient. We will be reviewing the app when it comes out soon.