I never imagined such a logo will change but the iconic DC comics logo is departing to be replaced with a new logo. This new logo is much simpler and packs a nice idea starting off with the shape where it reads “D” and its pealing revealing a “C” and that is in simple words DC and the page turn is “comics”.

What makes this logo special is that it is very customizable and as you can see every comic hero will have his/her/it own version, whether dark or light green, they all resemble their super heroes. This logo does not affect just the comics, it will carry on to all DC mediums, even movies and this starts this March.

The designers behind this logo is design firm Landor Associates and I’m not quite sure if I like this logo, on a simple level I love the simplicity and variations but knowing the old logo was so good makes me thing again, but it also like it. So what do you think?