I have said it many times, not only MINI is a stunning car, they just have the right amount of creativity in their ads that go well with the overall picture.

I have featured some of my favorite MINI ads and this has to go into that collection. In order to promote the new MINI Roadster, Director Peter Berg has created something very funny and beautiful at the same time. MINI’s are fun and this “Cliffhanger” ad is somewhat of a part 2 of the first video (also below).

The video was shot in Turkey and it’s about two guys having fun riding the MINI Roadster, their journey is put to a stop where they almost fell out of a ledge. This ad is not only fun, but it tells us the audience two very interesting things.

The first being that the new MINI is fast and its open, MINI always emphasizes the idea of open-ness in their convertible models. Secondly, is the car’s size, its on a ledge meaning, only a small car can go where no other can go and there is a strong emphasis on the fun factor where these two guys lost sense of time and just went on driving everywhere.

Now that we got the philosophy out of the way, you watch the ad, the second video is the first one if you missed it.

Another Day, Another Adventure: