This unique research pavilion located at Germany is surely an amazing achievement in terms of looks. What I find most interesting is that this amazing structure is a research within itself conducted by students and professors of the University of Stuttgart in order to study and construct architecture that is fragile yet their biological placement makes them stand.

Now for a simpler version, using computers they design structures using thin materials like wood and construct it in a way that they are unbreakable in comparison if they just had them flat. Think of it as a 3D model and carefully constructing where each polygon goes and in this case, this structure can be detached, there are no screws or any other material, they are placed together and held together by combining the sides and the way this thing is built, it holds them.

This amazing pavilion was made possible by architects Oliver David Krieg and Boyan Mihaylov. Check the first image to see how they figure out things.

Behind the Scenes: