Meet the next generation of AR. Drone by company Parrot. Same looks, with great new features that should improve the overall experience. First off, if you are clueless as what this is, it is a little helicopter with a camera that is controller via your iPhone or Android device. The first device was fun, but its extreme issue is that the battery life lasted 10 mins and a whole hour to recharge and to me that is an important factor and I’m pretty sure a lot agree as well.

Anyway, the new model can shoot in 720p resolution and has a built-in gyroscope so that no matter where you stand, titling your device takes your plane in that direction even if it is not facing the same direction.

While everything seems great, the video featured is a promotional video for the new AR.Drone 2.0 and yet the person flying it takes it to extreme heights and distances, something the device cannot do and then comes battery life, which seems the same. You may learn more at their website.