I bet you never saw that coming, Napoleon Dynamite is now an animated series. The first two episodes were released this week for free and I gave them a watch. If you don’t know Napoleon Dynamite, it was a movie dated back in 2004, was not critically acclaimed but fans enjoy retarded teenagers so they liked it.

I never liked the movie and the animated series is not something I plan on watching. So a retarded kid with his retarded brother live with their even more retarded grandma and everyday there is story about a retarded teenager in his everyday life.

The show remains true to the movie where the main actor does one of his cliche phrases, “Uhhh” and “Gosh!” etc. The problem with the show is that it is not funny at all, I don’t remember smiling at any of the 20 min episodes, that said some might find it funny.

Artistically, the art style does not have to be detailed, for instance Family Guy is weird yet beautiful and they have simple characters. On the other hand, Napoleon Dynamite’s style isn’t distinctive and yet is hard to keep up with. All in all, you may like it, it is for sure nothing new and I just miss the old anime shows, the Japanese are the best.

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