We haven’t featured any good cooking shows for some time now and here’s one that is just different. Instead of baking cupcakes off a cooking book, these two individuals cook food based and inspired by video games and movies. It is a welcome geeky factor to any geeks’ arsenal of geeking out the world, sort of speak. These two individuals go by the name of Feast of Fiction and their videos are fun to watch whether you are into cooking or not.

So far they only have 2 videos and they are great, they took a recipe of one of Skyrim’s thousands of misc. books and actually made it, not sure about the taste but that reminds me how amazing and deep Skyrim is. The other video is a recipe prepared by them, baking a cake inspired by Mincecraft.

Turns out these two people are friends with freddiew, give the videos a watch.


Skyrim – Sunlight Souffle:

Minecraft Cake: