This is a pretty little apartment Located in Kiev, Ukraine and was designed by Sergey Makhno and I absolutely love “most” of it. The thing that attracts me most would obviously how mind bending it is, using simple and sharp geometry pleases my eyes with an instant. Everything is brought to a better visual appeal with the use of the lighting’s shape as it is distinctive and you just do not see that everyday.
I also like the extended use of geometry where simple sharp shapes such as trees really add a wonderful and somehow green atmosphere to the place.

My annoyance with this particular project is not really the design itself but rather the colors selected. This is especially noticeable in the toilet, the walls are green and though I love green the use of it here sways the design away from being modern. In my opinion, a blend of white, black and a highlight color would do the trick. Anyway, I love the design and I really think it is unique.