MINI is perhaps a car that is not made for everyone, certainly not for every situation but we can all agree it is a work of art. There are just about the only cars that have an artistic and playful marketing that is sometimes funny, creative and always effective.

I myself love this car and thought I’d share some of my favorite ads from different car models. Since MINI is expanding, they now have the hatchback models, cabrio, clubman, coupe, countryman and soon the roadster and Paceman. I personally dislike the countryman and clubman but I guess they have their audience.

Back to their ads, the print ads are very beautiful and unique, for this time I’m only featuring video ads based of their growing library of cars.

Anyway, I hope you like this modest selection and of course you can find plenty more on Youtube.


Countryman Sushi:

Best Test Drive Ever:

MINI Disguised:

MINI Cabrio Radical Maneuver:

MINI Camouflage:

The Last Spot:

Bike Lane:

Countryman Flow: