I was quite surprised to find out that Microsoft games and apps are making their way to Apple’s App store and here comes Kinectimals which was an Xbox 360 Kinect exclusive. The game revolves around a little paradise filled with gorgeous cubs that has the player take care and play with them. This game is no different, you select a cub, name it and it’s all yours.

There is the normal cuddly stuff, cleaning, dressing up and practicing with mini games like throwing a ball. You can feed it and train it to be better all thanks to a good leveling system that rewards you. The game features a shop, the more you level the more more moves and stuff you can buy.

The game also features a photo mode allowing you to pose and take pictures of your cub. More onto the game, the graphics are so great and definitely not like Xbox but for an iPad game it is gorgeous. The gameplay is solid and very responsive even on my bulky first generation iPad.

At this point you know the game is basically the same thing over and over and that is not bad, after all this game is for kids and I’d defiantly recommend it for your kids and relatives.

Download iOS App $2.99

The Good:
- Solid Gameplay
- Beautiful Graphics.
- Cute characters.
- Good leveling system.

The Bad:
- Music gets repetitive.
- Omission of some valuable features like “voice-calling”  your cub like Xbox.