Yes some smartphones have this built in feature but its also nice to have it on iPhone. This is a device that looks like a battery pack where you can plug in your iPhone into it and it serves as a projector. You can project videos up to 50 inches in output size on any surface, the ceiling if you want to. What makes this device rather more interesting is that it actually charges your phone as well, I thought it would drain the whole battery but it happens to charge it as well.

The projected image quality is 640×360 and the projection is actually LED so it kinda makes up for the average resolution. As if this is not enough, this little projector packs a 0.5W speaker which isn’t that great but way better than the iPhone’s. One thing remains is the price tag, $229.99 it could be decent to some but it is a little pricey but when you think about it, it is a projector in your pocket!

You may buy it here.