Our geeky minds can rest assured now that motion controls are exactly what we wanted them to be. When I watched Avatar, I wanted to control a robot by waving my arms and now while not as polished, it is possible.

Throughout last year, Taylor Veltrop has been busy making that possible. He is now able to control a Robot as if he was it, his arms’ movement are captured using Xbox 360′s Kinect and Wii remotes for extra precision, the Kinect is also used to navigate along with a treadmill for moving forward and backwards. A Head mounted display is used to control the robot’s head as well as see through it.

This to me is ground breaking, the Kinect, Wii, and other devices can work together to bring engaging motion control and that provides for endless possibilities.

note: the video isn’t that well produced, just turn on your geek mind and forget polish.