These are indeed wall-stickers that also happen to be amazingly retro and pixelated, yet they are different in some ways. First off, they are called Puxxle and strangely enough was founded by two sisters who play video games and these line of products is a dedication to old school gaming.

Simcity 2000 was one of their inspirations not just the art style but also what makes these stickers different is the “puzzle” factor. Once you buy any of these stickers, you will not get a solid sheet of paper, instead you will get tiles or in this case pixels and using instructions, you’d have to stick them on the wall individually. I find that feature quite amusing, it almost gives you the feeling that you actually made it.

The pixel artworks are pretty and are mostly animals such as sharks, crocodiles, etc. The pricing is from $23 up to about $60 dollars which is fairly reasonable. For more visit their site.