Oh I just love this concept of the Land Rover DC100 Sport. The car is really beautiful, the sharp edges and rigid body yet stylish and fun. The car is designed for off-road and it’s so good at it that its technology is a wonder, you can take this ride into water (not that deep) and the car closes ints lower vents and avoids water intake. This is done by little sensors on the side mirrors as well as bumpers and on top of this amazing technology, the car looks awesome.

At first glance you might think this car is pretty small as if it was a MINI, but Land Rover is in this car’s heart and being large is their specialty. Other than that, the car is automatic and the engine is four-cylindered and 2.0 liters and is rather fitting for such car.

I’m left with one issue though, the roof is open which is lovely but, how can we prevent rain from coming in, I do not presume there are sensors for that as well.