Here’s a very interesting and trendy product, Inkodye by Lumi. As the name implies it is ink and it is really special. As the owners suggest, artists’ tools are the same and by this ink they aim at creating a new tool. To put it in simple words, this ink responds to sunlight, you start painting with paint that is almost transparent and within 6 minutes the sun will dye the color on the material, textiles in particular.

What is definitely the beautiful thing about this paint is that you can use negative space to color, meaning if you paint on a material, place other objects on top blocking the sun, the sun will only dye the visible creating beautiful results on the spot. What is more interesting is that you can use photography and negatives where multiple density’s effect how much light is absorbed and therefore result in a shaded result. The best part is that they are water resistant!

My words won’t be enough to cover what this genius of a product this is, watch the following videos for a better idea.

How to use: