Got some old books and wanna get rid of them? That’s not the case with the amazing artist Guy Laramee, he magically turns old books into landscapes.

People still read books, true some read on E-Books but Guy Laramee has more of a philosophical approach to such subject pointing out that mankind is obsessed with change and choose to read real books less often, making a point where books are like primitive objects where one can initiate huge imagination. That would be just a glimpse on his thoughts, you can read more about it here.

In the mean time, feast your eyes on these incredible creations that prove timeless and full of wonder. We know a paper is fragile in comparison to a pile of papers but to simplify how complicated this is, you can only carve downward, all edges of paper will be intact, whereas if you carve upward, hell breaks loose. So having the multilayers proves to be a challenge and Guy Laramee perfected it.