What is displayed here is perhaps the craziest stop-motion claymation I have every seen. Unlike most clay artists, Peter Sluszka does something quite different and that is morphing. As the word implies, he takes one figure of clay and using stop-motion turns it into something completely different, like a man turning into an animal.

Normally such effects are generated on the computer but his work involves a lot of morphing, and your brain can’t keep up with the amazing result. Anyway, Peter is a very talented director and he does more than just clay, he also creates paper sculptures and a wide variety of crazy stuff on his other videos which can be found on his Vimeo page.

To start off watch the first video demonstrating the claymation morphing effect then watch the second video created as an ad for Land Rover and it is amazing!

Morphology from Peter Sluszka on Vimeo.