In the world of super cars, countries have been battling for the best design for so many years. Its a very competitive field, and it seems like the Netherlands have joined the fight with their latest addition.

The Savage Rivale Roadyachts GTS you see here is deemed the future of the Dutch supercar industry.

One of the most unique features about this car is that it will be the first 4-door convertible supercar in the world once it goes into production.

The 4-door convertible is powered by a 670hp V8 engine, propelling the luxury supercar from 0-60mph and reaching a top speed of 205mph (approx 330km/h).

Personally, Im not too big a fan of the front end but the rest seems to be a mix between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari which is never a bad thing.

Savage Rivale Temporary 2012 PROMO from Savage Rivale on Vimeo.