Okay, you might have heard of this viral video going all over the internet and frankly, it is not a cute cat nor a person humming a lady gaga song, it’s just pure amazing comedy. The web series are a series of short clips starring Graydon Sheppard playing a role of a woman and re-acting things almost all girls do.

What you may have not known is that the series are based on twitter account of the same name that just tweets things girls would say and it is funny as well, but the videos are just way better.

It is quite funny because some people don’t normally notice them and I think we should not take it seriously and just enjoy pure comedy, but we all have to admit, it’s very funny. I’m hoping to see a “Sh*t Boys Say” created by girls to further expand on this on absolute entertainment. The web series is actually written by the actor himself Graydon Sheppard and his friend Kyle Humphrey.

Episode 2:

Episode 1: (incase you missed it, or just watch it again it’s funny)