Apple products are undeniably amazing, probably not the best to some, but still great. They have the ability to create great ads that compliment their products and services and because they are simple, they are powerful. A rather different style of ads Apple created over the years are ones without a white background and those that feature real scenes rather than high end graphic and yet they’re still simple.

With the spirit of Christmas, Santa Clause finds himself using iPhone 4S’s unique feature, Siri. It is a powerful ad that both delivers meaning and technically speaking, Siri does work. There are lots of parodies centered around Siri but that does not make it anything short of amazing. On the other hand, Google has just released a new video featuring Santa Clause using chrome book and searching for stuff, which are quite similar to what Siri does.

To be fair, Santa will of course be featured in a lot of upcoming ads forr any product or service but Google’s one seems to aim at sending a message, what do you think? I obviously like Apple’s one, much more creative.

Apple Ad:

Google Ad: