I’m not really a person that likes to wear a watch, whether they’re simple of bulky, my phone has a clock and I can live with that. However, this beautiful Lamborghini Avenger Watch is something else. Created by Marko Petrovic, this conceptual watch is like a mini Lamborghini in your hands, everything from the sharp edges to colors screams Lamborghini.

The most attractive aspect of the design is that it looks like an engine, engines are a work of art and the complexity in the watch really seems to be inspired by the powerful engines that support the Lamborghinis. That is more clear when I realized it is covered with a transparent material, probably plastic on this watch, just like the real engine.

That said, the design is not perfect and it is a concept, if I were to change anything about it, probably enlarge the center part so the time can be actually seen and I won’t have to pinch my eye to see it.