Owning or have played an iOS device, you would know that the Infinity Blade was the best in both innovation and graphics on the App Store. Just a few days ago, the second installment was released and it isn’t there to disappoint. Just when you think graphically, iOS devices can handle no further, this game will have you think again.

This game carries the same concept as the first, you are a warrior fighting your way to the final boss over and over again with an RPG element where you level up, upgrade and buy new stuff that help you slay even more.

This game features outstanding graphics, textures and animations that bring the fighting and the environment to life. The gameplay aspect of the game has been significantly improved, you’re no longer a sitting duck, you can stall attacks and have more engaging ways to rid yourself from the enemy.

The setting this time around is much more engaging and fun and features a tremendous amount of bosses that are artistic as they are standing and fighting. Some bosses are larger than you’d imagine and this creates an extra layer of fun. All in all, if flicking and slashing your screen with your fingers is your thing, this game makes you do it in style.

Download iOS App ($6.99)

The Good:
- Gorgeous Graphics.
- Great Gameplay.
- Good Sound Effects.
- Enemies are very varied.

The Bad:
- May get repetitive.