Let me start of by saying, I want one! These fancy and beautifully crafted speakers were created by Kuntzel and Florence Olivier, both illustrators and designers and have a company called Kuntzel+Deygas.

This newest design is based on one of their older illustrations and now it comes in a form of a speaker. As you can see, it looks like a cute skull and it comes in 3 colors. The speakers themselves have a great sound and they also include a subwoofer at 50 watts. The speakers can be used for your iDevices and your computer as well and it will for sure give a little more meaning to your music.

I was about to go clicking to buy this thing till I realized the price tag, $2,161 and that is just the cheapest one available. I really appreciate the design and functionality of these speakers but with such price tag I really believe is just rather too much. Buy now starting at $2,161