With the ongoing battle of iPhone and Android users on which system is better, Windows Phone has been around for some time but lets face it, it does not stand a chance just yet.

That said, I was always fascinated by the dynamic software of the Windows Phone but I only tried it briefly at an electronic store. With the beautiful invention of HTML5, now you can try out a demo version of the Windows Phone software right on your iPhone or Android device.

There is no installation required, just grab your phone and enter the following address on Safari or Android browser http://aka.ms/wpdemo. I works beautifully and keep in mind it is a demo, your not supposed to call or text anyone. The address will only work on either iPhone or Android and not on your computer.

All in all, the software is actually good, better than I initially imagined, but not quite enough to rival iPhone and Android. To start with, it all comes down to Apps, Windows Phone is a bit lacking but its integration with Xbox Live is something only it can provide.

If you wish to learn more about Windows Phone 7.5, head over to their website.