Perhaps the best way to describe this show it by reading its title “American Horror Story” and it is just that. To be honest, horror movies are not my thing and quite frankly bore me, too many cliches and little scares. I’ve never watched a show being centered around just scaring the audience and this happens to be this show’s specialty.

The show is a about a family, father, mother and daughter who recently moved to this house, and as you’d guess the house is not normal. There were many deaths in it before, very weird ones too. This family is its latest victim, what’s this house or what is causing all this chaos? well, we don’t know but I hope we find out.
It is refreshing to see such a genre take its chance and stretching out as a show, though I’m a bit skeptical on how long it can keep up without feeling repetitive or end up like LOST, where it just got us lost.

The show is intriging for those horror loving people and it brings new ideas to the table but it isn’t a cheap 1 hr movie, its a 40 minute per episode show. I like this show even though it is scary, its a change of pace I guess, extreme boredom is getting a hold of me again. I’d recommend it if you don’t wanna sleep properly at night.