It has been quite a while since we reviewed Apps that aren’t games and here we are reviewing Audium, an app that aims to replace the built in iPod found in iPhone and iPod Touch. The app brings something much needed in such app and that is gestures. As soon as you launch the app you will see all your albums and you can swipe to scroll. If you found the album, double click it and it plays a random song. Swipe left or right on the album to skip song. There are other controls such as swiping vertically for volume control.

The app actually works well, however, the functions I listed above are everything in the app, there is no search, playlists or whatsoever, making this app’s uses very limited. I loved the design of the App and it reminded me how badly I want the iPod player on iPhone needs a desperate re-design.

To put in short words, this app is useful if your in the “shuffling” mood and you have a limited library that you won’t take you ages to scroll through all your albums in such “cover flow way”. The app brings useful gestures but adds double clicking as well which to me is a step behind. All in all, it works but won’t replace iPod/iPhone player.

Download iPhone App ($0.99)

The Good:
- Sleek Design.
- Works Well.

The Bad:
- Missing essential features.
- double clicking is so “behind”.
- Shows only album view.