Modern Warfare 3 to me was rather too dissapointing, but we can all agree that the trailers were amazing. Stop-motion enthusiast called Alex (aka Kooberz Studios) is one crazy animator who used LEGO as his main asset into recreating one of the trailers of Modern Warfare 3 and it is really complex. The trailer took place in Englad, USA, France, etc. and each had their own set on bombarding action which Alex translated perfectly into LEGO.

At first glance, you’d be amazed but you can’t possibly imagine how hard it is to make these creations. Let alone shooting it and the actual stop-motion aspect, there were sets to built and they look really great. Do take at look at the behind the scenes video below and you’d have glimpse of how hard it is.

If you have the time check his other video of Gears of War.

Behind the Scenes: