Evertales is one of the most great looking iOS games out there on the App Store. The game is a quite simple side scrolling game where you are able to control 3 characters each with different weapons, one at a time. Like all side scrolling games, you begin a stage and fight your way across it with occasional bosses at the end.

The games features amazing graphics and a unique art style that goes well with the humorous characters. There is a little bit of an RPG element in the game, where you collect coins and can buy clothing and upgrade your weapons. The game’s control scheme is solid, you can use swipe controls which actually work or use onscreen buttons, move, jump and action.

Evertales is for fact a beautiful experience with a lot of polish but falls short as the gameplay is rather too familiar and lacks a decent replay value. You will find yourself running, hitting and onto next level, there isn’t anything there that is partially new apart from the sugar coating over the whole game’s style and polish. That said, it is a good game for those seeking a straight forward experience.

Download iOS App ($1.99)

The Good:
- Amazing Graphics.
- Solid Controls.
- Good Music.
- You could play on iPad and continue the
same progress on iPhone and vise versa.

The Bad:
- Occasional Slow-downs (iPad 1)
- Replay Value is Lacking.
- Too Repetitive.