There are a lot of fan-made movies on Youtube that are worthy of actually producing. These guys didn’t wait for some miracle or studio to hire them, they went ahead and made a live action mini series based on Halo and it looks great. I don’t like Halo as a game (except Halo 1), I very much prefer it the way it is portrayed in this video as it looks more serious and generally pleasing to look at in comparison.

The story and world of Halo is diverse and is much larger than a game that seems to improve. This video on the other hand is a true example of a beautifully directed fan made production. The assets such as armor are official merchandise provided by Microsoft.

The video itself is only a trailer and the whole series is directed by a guy called Dan who is currently a student at the New York Film Academy. The mini series is set to debut on January 2012. For more info head over to their website.