Maybe you already have this game or even played it, but not all of us bothered to get this game, i did though. This game put in simple English is “EPIC”, this is by far the best Elder Scrolls game. Like all other games in the series, you are what you choose to be but of course with a main story flavor, that being you are a dragon born, you have abilities of a dragon, minus the flying. As you can guess there is a huge focus on dragons as they are the main plot where they return to Skyrim and it is up to you to discover why and of course stop them.

The game introduces you to an enormous world and like most RPG’s, no one will play the game the same. In the game, there is a lot of roaming and exploring, a lot to hunt and be hunted by, many strangers and countless missions to experience. This game is so huge that every encounter with a stranger has a deep story, people talking and your actions affect your surroundings. It is Bethesda Studios best game by far and they have fixed a lot of the annoyances from the past especially from the ones of Oblivion. Now animations are much better, graphics have drastically improved and it is filled with so many content that if you are a completion-ist, it would take hundreds of hours and that is a great value for a game.

One thing about this game that it makes it okay and interesting to just be everyone’s servant, in a sense, any task you get you gladly accept because the game is that fun.

It goes without saying that the game is glitchy, it does not alter or harm the experience but they are there to say the least. There are some weird ones generally stuff fly when they shouldn’t. Another annoyance is the 3rd person perspective and though they improved it, the camera is so close to the point where your character covers half of the screen. I also think more animations and combos could have been implemented in the combat system to make it a little more realistic and fun.

All in all, if you are into RPG’s I don’t see a reason why not to by this game, it is one of the best, if not the best RPG experience I ever had.

The Good:
- Beautiful experience.
- Great Story.
- Addicting.

The Bad:
- Glitches.
- 3rd person Camera.
- Combat needs improvement.