If you don’t know minecraft then here it is put into simple words, you build, craft pixelated blocks alone or with friends and defend yourself at night when creatures attack. The new Pocket edition is made for iOS devices and sadly it strips the game from what it is on the PC.

To start with, I’m not much of a fan of this game but I do know that the pocket edition truly murders the whole idea of the game. All you can do in the game is build alone which defies the concept of the original where you can join people and share creations with them.

There is support for wifi but we all know the chances of us finding someone is extreme. It isn’t angry birds after all where your granny has it too on her device. Another issue with the game is that the controls are wonky both on first and third person view.

It’s a battle to turn around the object you are creating just to place another block. They should really have taken advantage of the touch screen and allowed pinching and zooming for optimal use.

With no means of sharing, playable controls and a ridiculous price ($6.99) this minecraft isn’t for those looking to experience minecraft in its true form. Till they add all these essential features, there is no reason to buy this game.

Download iOS App $6.99

The Good:
- Build anything!

The Bad:
- Wonky Controls.
- No Sharing.
- No online, except for WiFi.
- No crafting or creatures.