About a month ago we posted about very interesting camera device which you place anywhere in range of wifi and view a live video feed wherever you are using your iOS device. The device is small and it wasn’t designed to monitor a robbery, but more of checking up on whatever it is you want to keep track of. I found the camera design to be outstanding and very convenient as you can either plug it via USB or power cord and you won’t need an ethernet cable.

Conceptually beautiful, the camera works but with too many drawbacks. Starting of with video feed, there is an approximate 15+ seconds delay in the video feed on average speed internet. Meaning if your baby is crying, you will only notice it 15+ seconds later. While that isn’t really bad, the camera supports push notifications, so when a sound or motion is detected it will let you know. Unfortunately, after the many tests I have conducted, I was never notified.

On the other hand, the video quality is good with average sound, the camera definitely works. All in all, I think it’s a good product but not great, can be used for the little things but I’d never rely on it.

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The Good:
- Great Design.
- Good Video Quality.
- Small, convienent.

The Bad:
- 15+ second delay.
- Recording videos only stores on Youtube(private) and not the device.
- The App interface isn’t friendly and is very glitchy.
- Notifications don’t work.