Robo5 is a 3D-Action-Puzzle game that gives you control of a tiny robot climbing from the bottom of the stage all the way to the top. The mechanics of the game are simple, levels are made of blocks and each click of a finger directs the robot onto the block.

When you get hold of the game you get ability to navigate but with a challenging manner where you have to push and pull blocks so you can make your way to the top. Of course that is not all, you also get a handful of challenges where blocks electrify you, have time limits and sometimes put an end to your robot’s life.

The idea of the game is simple and fun yet I did not find it enjoyable. Firstly, on the iPad version, menus looked blurry and the overall game graphics are jagged on the edges and with such a beautiful concept a broken robot and industrial environment to me isn’t the right art style for such mechanics. Gameplay-wise, it is fun at the beginning then it becomes frustrating and lacks a decent reply-value. I think there is a lot of room for improvement but for now, though I love puzzle games and I think that’s iOS’s strongest genre, I was not very found of this game.

Download iPad App ($1.99)
Download iPhone App ($0.99)

The Good:
- Good Gameplay.
- Plenty of Levels.

The Bad:
- Low-Res Graphics.
- Reply Value is low.
- Atmosphere isn’t suitable for gameplay mechanic.